I can’t get on board with manifesting. Not Only Is It A Bananas Concept, But It’s Potentially Dangerous

I can’t get on board with manifesting. When I first expressed this on social media, I felt like I was alone. “What’s wrong with a little positive thinking?” Someone asked me. In the privacy of my direct messages, however, there were more than a few people (cynical, grumpy, realists, and a few scientists) calling BS on the concept. And not just because it’s a waffle, but because it could be harmful.

In my Instagram feed, the protest cannot be missed; if it’s not someone drawing on their vision board, it’s someone else who has “manifested” a new job, a car, or a baby. Didn’t work for you? You have to do it wrong. You’re not putting the right energy into the world, so you should probably hire a manifesting coach who, for an hourly fee, can help you hit the right frequency.

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