Emmerdale’s Chas Dingle makes decision on Al after ultimatum

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Chas Dingle made a shocking decision regarding his affair with Al Chapman in Emmerdale.

Last week, Aaron gave Chas an ultimatum that she had to get away from Al or she would lose him forever. While Chas promised to work things out, Monday’s (October 10) episode revealed she had other plans.

Chas took Aaron aside to berate him for hitting Al last week, but Aaron warned she was in no position to criticize him.

damn, aaron


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When Chas insisted that she only feared Aaron would be arrested again, Aaron claimed that Al had too much pride to go to the police.

There was an awkward scene where a doting Kerry brought a very uncomfortable Al into the Woolpack for lunch, forcing Chas to hand over bartending duties to Bob so she could get away.

The situation became even more awkward when Paddy showed up, as he feared Chas hadn’t come through on the phone sooner. Faith and an irritated Aaron soon joined them for a drink, with Al nearby.

The two eventually met in the forest to talk things over, but rather than call the time, Chas made a surprising decision about his future with Al.

“I think maybe I’ve lost my mind, but I think I love you,” she admitted. “I know I said it was crazy and I have no idea what’s going to happen next, but I can’t give up on you, Al. I pretended I could but I can’t. not.”

bullshit, cha


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Al was very surprised by Chas’ declaration of love, admitting that he thought Chas called him to meet him in order to break up with him.

“That would be the most sensible option for all of us, let’s face it, but life doesn’t work that way. Does it?” she told him.

Chas explained that she should stay with Faith for now, but hinted that there would be a future beyond that. The episode ended with the two making the most of their time alone…

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV and streams on ITV Hub.

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